Microsoft has recently rebranded Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID, marking a significant shift in their identity products. This change aims to simplify and streamline their offerings, making it easier for users to understand and utilize their services. This blog post will delve into the key points of Microsoft Entra ID, highlighting its main features, benefits, types, and roles.


Main Features of Entra ID

One of the main features of Microsoft Entra ID is its unified conditional access. This feature allows for the enforcement of security policies not only on apps and devices but also on networking configurations. This means that you can monitor and control access to certain websites or applications, extending your corporate policies and security without compromising the user's overall experience.

Global Secure Access Preview. This feature provides two new major services: secure and configurable internet access for your users remotely, and private internet access for internal use. This takes advantage of Microsoft's vast Azure networking capabilities, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses.

  1. Microsoft Entra Internet Access
  2. Microsoft Entra Private Access  
Updated Microsoft Entra Admin Center

Read more about the features in this Microsoft Blog.

Key Benefits of Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID offers secure and configurable internet access for users, irrespective of their location. This takes advantage of Microsoft's vast Azure networking capabilities.
Additionally, it provides private internet access for internal use, which can save significant costs compared to dedicated lines.

Moreover, the unified conditional access feature enhances security by taking into account not just users, devices, and apps, but also networking connections.
This allows businesses to extend their corporate policies and security without compromising the users' overall experience.

The 4 Types of Entra ID

The video does not explicitly mention the four types of Entra ID.
However, it does mention that Azure Active Directory's free version will become Entra ID for free, and the P1 and P2 plans will be renamed as Microsoft Entra IDP1 and IDP2, respectively.

These versions cater to different business needs and budgets, offering flexibility and scalability.

However, it does discuss the concept of conditional access and the ability to set policies based on user risk, sign-in risk, and device platforms, which implies a high level of control and administration.
This suggests that the highest role in Entra ID would have the authority to set and enforce these policies, ensuring the security and efficiency of the system.


The transition from Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID represents a significant shift in Microsoft's approach to identity services. With a focus on unified access, enhanced security, and cost-effective solutions, Entra ID is poised to offer robust and comprehensive identity solutions for businesses of all sizes. As Microsoft continues to innovate and improve its offerings, users can look forward to more streamlined and efficient identity management solutions.

Jul 23, 2023

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